Teachers and Priests


The abbot is the spiritual leader of Integral Zen.

Doshin m.j. nelson roshi

Doshin M.J. Nelson Roshi

Doshin Hannya Michael Nelson Roshi is the founder and abbot of Integral Zen. Doshin started studying Zen in the late 60’s, but without the guidance of a good teacher, he was confused and discouraged by the teachings. In earnest he began studying other meditative practices and martial arts which were difficult but less obscure. It wasn’t until he met JunPo Kando Denis Kelly, Roshi that the disciplined practice and eloquent simplicity of Zen suddenly took root and began to penetrate the dense clouds of his stubborn conditioned mind, revealing the ordinary, openness of vast empty sky. Doshin was recognized as a Zen Master and received Inka from JunPo, Roshi in 2011 in Loveland, CO.

Doshin is a poet, troublemaker, and teacher – a Zen Master of no rank. He is the founder of Integral Zen

Teachers and Mentors

 last row, JakuSan Birgit at left, right Jakob